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Centara Sustainability Vision & Policy

Centara Sustainability Vision and Policy

Centara Hotels and Resorts gives significance to operating their business and operations to a high degree of ethical, social and environmental responsibility whilst providing an exceptional level of Thai Hospitality along with an eco - friendly environment to their guests, to the local community and to the world. Enhancing its strong environmental commitment, The Group selected EC3 Global, a well - known international advisory organisation, to assist Centara Hotels & Resorts to develop an international benchmarking standard, to improve awareness amongst their employees, partners and stakeholders and to attain sustainability.

Sustainability Policy

In order to achieve our sustainability vision, the Group commits to continually improve the environmental and social sustainability performance in a balanced way to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our staff as well as to deliver the best Thai Hospitality service to our valued guests. Centara Hotels and Resorts have identified a sustainability team and established the following objectives.

  • Provide standards throughout the Group for meeting the local legislative, environment requirements whilst complying to an international standard.
  • Set up systematic management of energy consumption
  • Create a report on key environmental performance indicators in order to raise environmental awareness among our associates, guests and communities.
  • Integrate sustainability considerations into all our business and operation decision.
  • Ensure that all staff is fully aware of our sustainability policy and they are committed to implementing and to improving it.
  • Educate clients and suppliers to be aware of our sustainability policy and encourage them to adopt sustainable management practices.
  • Establish action plans on sustainability practice with a regular and consistent monitoring system through the Group.

Our Focus

Centara Hotels and Resorts sustainable initiatives are developed in line with five sustainability principles;

  1. Community Involvement.
    Centara Hotels and Resorts believe in supporting sustainable business endeavors in the local community. We are committed to support a wide range of local community initiatives and events which have social and environmental benefits.

  2. Eco - Technology Awareness.
    Centara Hotels and Resorts aims to adopt new technologies that will contribute to sustainable building, healthy indoor air quality, lower carbon intensity, increased energy and water efficiency , reduced resource consumption and waste generation. Technologies to be implemented include high efficiency chillers, high efficiency boilers, advanced water heater systems, LED and CFL fluorescent tube retrofits, electrical system upgrades, solar water heating installation and shower head, faucet and water reduction retrofits.

  3. Education.
    Centara Hotels and Resorts is dedicated to continue training and educating its employees. A wide variety of training courses are regularly provided in each property to strengthen both individual employee's skills and to enhance service delivery. Topics of training are not only aimed to provide 'on job' training responsibilities but Centara Hotels and Resorts also supports various courses for environmental and social awareness. Moreover, the Group strongly believes in educating and developing human resources and by working with communities and in return we seek to allow community members a greater future.

  4. Partnership
    Centara Hotels and Resorts is committed to support our good corporate governance practice and ethics with local governmental agencies, international organisations and our supply chain in order to ensure our goals are in accordance with environmental and sustainable awareness. Centara Hotels and Resorts has made an active commitment to take action against the commercial sexual exploitation of Children with a partnership with ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes). The Group has officially signed the 'Code of Conduct' for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism. This code of conduct is drawn up by ECPAT and The World Tourism Organisation by setting out principles for an active policy to combat child sex tourism. By taking up this initiative, Centara Hotels and Resorts is committed to train its employees and to raise their customer's awareness of this issue.

  5. Product.
    Centara Hotels and Resorts aspire to be conscientious in the process of procurement, production, equipment choice and service delivery. We also seek to maximize our awareness of sourcing of locally and sustainable products which are recyclable and non harmful to our environment. The Group has a Group - wide guideline for sharing its sustainability vision, to ensure greater corporation from all. We attempt to enhance our procurement and to develop criteria for new purchases. We take into account energy saving, water efficiency, durability and organic products.

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