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Amid the ever-developing states of the Arabian Gulf, Oman is a haven for nature lovers where cultural traditions remain remarkably undiluted. Oman is captivating: pristine beaches shaded with nodding palm trees, mud-brick villages nestled amid date plantations or perched over wadis (valleys), towering mountains with precipitous canyons and ancient caves, fabulous inland deserts, and the overwhelming generosity of the Omanis. Things not to miss include hiking through Wadi Shab and the Bimmah Sinkhole, visiting the time-honoured fortresses of Nizwa, Bahla and Nakhal, diving and dolphin watching, taking on the Rustaq Loop, and wending your way through the throng of friendly traders at busy souqs such as Muttrah and Nizwa Souqs. Of course, Oman has also embraced modernity. As a capital city, exotic, walled Muscat is half-way between an off-the-beaten-track adventure and the modernity and convenience of a corporate hub. The city presents a fascinating balance of old and new, where shopping and modern attractions share the landscape with ancient crumbling forts, time-honoured mosques and traditional souks. Our hotel in Muscat is located close to some of the city’s landmarks, which include the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the Royal Opera House, and the Oman International Exhibition Centre.

Centara Muscat Hotel Oman

Centara Muscat Hotel Oman

Centara Muscat Hotel Oman

Way 6816, Ghala Heights, Wilyat Bausher, 3564, Muscat, Oman 

Tel: +968 96602576


E-mail: cmo@chr.co.th

تعتبر زيارة مسقط مغامرة مثيرة خارج نمط الحياة الروتيني حيث ستدخل عالم مليء بشتى ألوان الثقافة العربية والحياة في الهواء الطلق والراحة والحداثة التي يوفرها مركز الشركات الذكية. فندق سنتارا مسقط ذو الأربع نجوم هو مكان مثالي للمسافرين الذين يتطلعون إلى ...