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Centara Chaan Talay Resort & Villas Trat

Map & Attractions

Centara Chaan Talay Resort & Villas Trat is located on its own long sandy beach in the far south-eastern corner of Thailand, a short journey to the Cambodian border.

Trat Airport (providing daily air service from Bangkok) is just 75 minutes away drive from the resort. By comfortable road journey with good motorways and road systems, Bangkok is reached in around 5 hours.

The charming provincial town of Trat is located approximately 45 minutes from the resort, and the Koh Chang piers can be reached in 1 hour.

The resort sits majestically and exclusively within a sweeping bay. Gentle lapping water and sugar powder sand are complemented by lush tropical Casuarina trees which provide excellent sun shade.

Tourist Attractions

Chang Island (Koh Chang)

Koh Chang

A stretch of long white sandy beach dotted with coconut tree orchards is a common sight on Chang Island, the largest and busiest island in Trat, and the second largest island in the country after Phuket. This island has several stunning white sand beaches for visitors to enjoy. Largely deserted, particularly in the south, guests can choose to either relax and soak up the sun or take long strolls along the powdery sand. There are several interesting sights around the island such as beaches, bays, waterfalls, temples, National Park, museums, diving areas & coral reefs, beautiful scenic lookout points, etc.

Kood Island (Koh Kood)

Koh Kood

Kood or Kut Island is the farthest island from the coast of Trat. Its size ranks it as the fourth largest island in Thailand or the second largest island next to Chang Island in Trat. The island, which is 25 kilometers long and 12 kilometers wide, covers an area of approximately 105 square kilometers. Its natural features include mountains and plains where many streams originate and become waterfalls. In addition, there are beaches with crystal-clear seas which are popular among visitors such as Taphao Beach, Khlong Chao Beach, Khlong Hin Beach, Phrao Beach, etc. Accommodations with a private atmosphere are available for visitors at the inner sea of Kood Island, and the other two islands, Rat and Mai Si, are opposite to Kood Island.

Mak Island (Koh Mak)

Koh Mak

Between Chang and Kood Island, about 40 kilometers from the main land is Koh Mak or Mak Island. This is a largely flat island covered in both rubber and coconut plantations with lovely long beaches. . November to April is the suitable period to visit the island in which composed of 9 islands - Koh Mak, Koh Rayang Nai, Koh Rayang Nok, Koh Phee, Koh Kham, Koh Kradat, Koh Nok and Koh Nai. The most popular activities for tourist include tracking, fishing, kayaking, diving, bicycle or motorcycle riding, firefly seeing, etc.

Trat Town

Trat Town

Trat town is the main centre for road travelers to the eastern islands of Thailand including Chang, Mak, Kood, and other islands. There are regular buses, mostly hourly – taking 4-5 hours from Bangkok Ekkamai Station for Downtown Bangkok and Bangkok Moh Chit Station for other destinations in Thailand. Many tourists stop over in a pleasant but cheap tourist area in Trat before going to the islands from Laem Ngop or Leam Sok (15-20 kilometers from Trat). There is a shared taxi from the market (centre of town). There are ferry services and speedboat services to the eastern islands, ferries to Chang island taking 30-60 minutes. With the speedboat the time to Kood island is reduced to an hour.

Kradat Island (Koh Kradat)

Koh Kradat

Situated on Northeast of Mak Island, it is only island in the Kingdom provided legal title deeds since King Rama V to prevent the occupation of France at that time. Its name is derived from Alocasia (Kradat) trees on the island. It takes about 2-3 hours from Laem Ngob to visit the island. Its long and clean beaches are connected around the island. At present, foreign investors seek for the government's approval to develop the island as another tourist attraction.

Thailand Cambodia Border

Thailand Cambodia Border

Trat is at the south-eastern end of Sukhumvit Road, which connects it with Chanthaburi, Rayong, Chonburi and Bangkok. Trat is also a transit point for people traveling to Cambodia, as it is a 90 minute minibus ride to the border at Hat Lek (again easily available at the bus station). After crossing the border, there is a short journey to Koh Kong town, where people can stay or continue on to Sihanoukville by road or by sea.

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