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  • Developing COSI

    COSI is growing and wherever you want to go, we want to be your travel base and social space. You’re going to be finding us in the most convenient city locations and popular resort destinations all over the world.

    Where to find us

    See you soon in Thailand’s top destinations: colourful Pattaya and historic yet hip Chiang Mai. We look forward to meeting you.

    Value Proposition

      High Profitability: due to a "hub & spoke" operating concept underpinned by an efficient operating model.

      Low Distributions Cost: as a result of an effective sales and distribution strategy supported by the COSI Cloud.

      Reduced Gross Floor Area Requirements: due to efficient design and layout of the rooms and other areas (up to 45% reduction compared to 'traditional' upscale hotels).

      Reduced Development Cost and Time: due to the use of COSI's readily available design and building guidelines.

      Reduced Head Count: selected processes and services are outsourced to COSI Shared Services and preferred business partners.

      Reduced Set-Up Cost: as all non-essentials are removed from the Hotel.


    COSI will feature efficient 150+ room hotels in either convenient city locations or popular resort destinations.


    Lively urban environments near:

    • City center
    • Central Business District
    • Tourist destinations
    • Restaurants, bars and nightlife areas
    • Retail and leisure destinations

    Lively urban environments near:

    • Walking distance to public transport
    • Easily accessible by car/taxi



    Lively leisure environments near:

    • Beach, hill stations
    • Theme parks
    • Tourist destinations
    • Sporting facilities (golf course, ski slopes, scuba diving etc.)
    • Places of interest for tourists
    • Restaurants, bars and nightlife areas

    Great accessibility:

    • Walking distance to public transport
    • Easily accessible by car/taxi



    Staying at a Hotel should be a simple, enjoyable and stress-free experience. That's why we're called COSI!