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Indian Wedding Ceremony

A wedding symbolizes the unification of the body, mind and soul. A beautiful wedding ceremony is not only cherished by the bride, groom and their families, but also carves an eternal memory in the minds of those who attended it. Indian wedding is one of the most extravagant affairs, marked by great pomp and gaiety.

Indian weddings are unlike the others because of their large size and the greater attention that must be paid to the guests on a 24 hours basis. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Hi Tea has to be provided on a daily basis and other events organized, leading up to the actual wedding day, which includes different religious ceremonies, depending on each family's requirements.

Suggested functions available for an Indian Wedding: Pre Wedding Functions
  • Rokka Ceremony
  • Sagan Ceremony
  • Ring Ceremony
  • Cocktail Party
  • Mehandi Ceremony
  • Sangeet Ceremony
  • Haldi & Chura Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony
  • Baraat
  • Milni
  • Jaimala
  • Saat Phera / Veldi
  • Vidaai / Doli
Post Wedding Function
  • Reception
These events can last from 2 days to up to 7 days and from basic to extremely elaborate weddings.


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