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โรงแรมและรีสอร์ทในเครือเซ็นทารา: โรงแรมในการ์ต้าร์

In the midst of its future-oriented change and cutting-edge modernity, Qatar retains a connection to the past. Holidaymakers still have a chance to enjoy shopping in vibrant markets and colourful souqs, attend prime equestrian events, and explore fascinating heritage sites such as the Moorish-style Al Koot Fort, also known as Doha Fort, and the Souq Waqif. Favourite outdoor activities include swimming in the turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf, getting out into the mangroves by kayak, or experiencing a taste of Bedouin life in the desert. Doha is a place to experience local traditions, discover Qatar’s history, and also conduct business. Recreational options abound in and around the city – imagine shopping, water sports, and visits to cultural venues, such as Qatar National Theatre, the Museum of Islamic Art and Katara, all close to hand. The city’s proximity to the rolling desert dunes means that adrenalin-fuelled activities such as quad-biking and sand-skiing under a scorching desert sun can all be arranged easily. Centara Grand West Bay Hotel Doha opens you the door to the prestigious West Bay complex and Doha Corniche, which will be right at your doorstep.

Centara Grand Hotel Doha

Centara Grand Hotel Doha

Centara Grand Hotel Doha

Diplomatic Street, Doha, State of Qatar 



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