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حفلات الزفاف

من خلال موقعه المُميز على الشاطئ وجوه الأنيق، يُعتبر منتجعنا هو المكان الأمثل لإقامة حفل الزفاف الذي تحلم به.  إن الهندسة ذات الطراز الاستعماري، والحدائق الرائعة، والرمال الذهبية لشاطئ هوا هين والمحيط الأزرق تجعل خلفية مثالية، في حين أن لدينا التكنولوجيا العصرية، وأماكن الإقامة الواسعة، وخدمتنا الحارة والشخصية التي تتضافر جميعها لتجعل يومك الكبير مميز جدا.

نحن نُقيم الاحتفالات التايلاندية والغربية، إلى جانب مجموعة باقات للاختيار منها بما يناسب تمامًا مستوى الزفاف الذي تصبو إليه. نحن نُقيم أيضًا مراسم تجديد النذور. سوف يُساعدك مُخططوا الحفلات لدينا على اتخاذ القرار، وترتيب كل شيء مع الاهتمام بأدق وأصغر التفاصيل، وذلك حتى تتاح لك حرية الاستمتاع بأروع أيام حياتك.

يُمكن إقامة الحفل على رمال شاطئ هوا هين، مع تنهد الموجات في الخلفية، أو بجانب حمام السباحة المُطِل على المُحيط. تعتبر سالا التايلاندية أحد أماكن حفلات الزفاف الأخرى لدينا والتي تتميز بإطلالة مُذهلة على البحر، في حين توفر حدائقنا بيئة خضراء عبقة. قاعة كولونيل في الداخل والتي تتسم بمساحتها الشاسعة وأسقفها المرتفعة تُعتبر مكانًا رائعًا بحق لإقامة حفل زفاف.

لبدء عملية التخطيط الهيّنة تمامًا أو لمزيد من المعلومات، يرجى التواصل مع مُنسقي حفلات الزفاف عبر البريد الإلكتروني chbr@chr.co.th أو انقر على باقة حفل الزفاف أدناه.



Whether you want a Thai or Western wedding, traditional or contemporary, our wedding coordinators will help you make it a success. Weddings at the resort have featured traditional Thai ceremonies with Buddhist monks, a khim solo and Khan Mark procession with dancers and drums; or authentic Western ceremonies officiated by clergy or a master of ceremony. Our staff will make sure all the details, down to flowers, colours, music and cultural rituals, are done appropriately and aesthetically. 


  1. The setting: It’s authentically elegant – a classic, seaside resort surrounded by gardens, designed for aristocracy in the Jazz Era.
  2. The beach: You can get married on the beach. Or use it as a romantic backdrop. The resort is right on it.
  3. Sublime outdoor venues: Manicured gardens, topiary, beautiful pools and a traditional Thai sala provide many options.
  4. Excellent restaurants: Thai, Japanese and European chefs are ready to prepare food that matches the exquisite environment.
  5. Experienced resources: The seasoned staff, supported by modern technology, has managed a wide variety of demanding events.

Wedding Packages

Thai Wedding

THB 150,000 inclusive of tax and service charge (for up to 40 guests)


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Wedding package includes:

  • Authentic Thai-style wedding ceremony presided by nine monks
  • Donation for the monks
  • Gift sets for the monks
  • Round-trip transportation for the monks
  • Thai set lunch for the monks
  • One conductor for the religious ceremony
  • Stage set up for the monk ceremony
  • Set up for the pouring ceremony
  • Flower arrangements for the pouring ceremony:
    • Two flower stands
    • Two heart-shaped flower trays
  • Two neck garlands for the bride and groom
  • One flower vase at the centre table
  • Theatre-style set up for the guests
  • Herbal drinks, hot tea and coffee served throughout the ceremony
  • Khim solo (traditional Thai musical instrument) played during the ceremony
  • Photography during the ceremony (including 40 shots with digital files)
  • One 5-tier wedding cake (5 pounds) or snack break
  • One-night stay in Premium Deluxe Room with special set up on wedding night
  • One bottle of sparkling wine served in room
  • One 90-minute Aromatherapy massage for bride and groom at SPA Cenvaree

Western Wedding

THB 150,000 inclusive of tax and service charge (for up to 40 guests)


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Wedding package includes:

  • Vow exchange ceremony presided by a priest or Master of Ceremony
  • Flower arrangements:
    • One set at registration desk
    • One bridal bouquet
    • Six corsages for the groom and family members
    • Four flower stands
    • One set at standing microphone
    • Chair decoration
    • Loose petals for throwing after the ceremony
    • Cake table
  • Soft drinks served throughout the ceremony
  • One 5-tier wedding cake (5 pounds)
  • Photography during the ceremony (including 40 shots with digital files)
  • Recorded background music during the ceremony
  • One-night stay in Premium Deluxe Room with special set up on wedding night
  • One bottle of sparkling wine served in room
  • One 90-minute Aromatherapy massage for bride and groom at SPA Cenvaree

Wedding settings and venues

Colonial Hall I & II
A choice of two spacious indoor venues captures the elegance of an earlier era. They can be decorated with fragrant pastel flowers for your dream reception. (maximum 220 guests for a seated event or 300 guests for a standing reception)

A broad stretch of white, sandy beach makes an idyllic setting for your ceremony. With the lapping waves providing a soothing background, this is barefoot romance in a classic tropical setting. (maximum 100 guests for a seated event)

Lawn and topiary garden
Acres of green lawn with mature trees, topiaries and exotic flowers provide a luxuriant setting and endless opportunities for wedding photographs you will cherish for a lifetime. (maximum 500 guests)

Putting green
A manicured green with vistas of the sweeping beach and ocean beyond, the resort’s putting green makes a distinctive outdoor venue. For a quirky addition, why not arrive in a decorated golf cart? (maximum 200 guests)

Wedding receptions can also be arranged beside the Colonial Pool, on The Railway Restaurant Terrace, or in the Elephant Garden.

Enhance your day

Our event planners can give you one-stop convenience for all your needs, both the usual wedding components as well as creative extra touches. For example, we will be happy to arrange:

  • Tropical flower arrangements, from simple table-top bouquets to elaborate floral arches, that use colours and fragrances to enhance your theme
  • A vintage tricycle and a decorated tuk-tuk to add a dash of Old Hua Hin style
  • Live music or a DJ to provide Western or Thai music, with pop, jazz and golden oldies to appeal to your guests
  • Thai performers to perform dance or theatre in traditional costume
  • Award-winning spa treatments at the resort, to relax and rejuvenate guests before or after the wedding
  • Fireworks on the beach
  • Reputable and creative photographers, videographers and editing services 
Enhance your day

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Email our wedding coordinators at dujdaoja@chr.co.th to discuss how we can make your special celebration go smoothly and successfully.


Download the hotel's wedding package brochure (PDF) for more information.

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