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Unsure of what to watch next? Don’t worry! We’ve got a pretty awesome list of movie recommendations for you! Grab your popcorn now and enjoy!

“Family Day” movies to put you in a FEEL-GOOD mood

Amidst the pandemic, life might have become dull. You might feel like there’s nothing to look forward to. Whether you’re looking for some casual laughs, uplifting romance, some simple fun or just a little hope, we’ve got it all covered. Don’t let the atmosphere get you down – bring a little positive spirit into your life with a few suggestions from us.

Let’s give this a try... These flicks always give us a sense of belonging and make us feel like maybe everything is going to be ok. Here are the top 9 movies that are sure to brighten your heart and soul during these hard times.

Photo-editing applications to unleash your creativity

No new photos? No worries! Let’s get creative with the ones you have!

While we are all staying at home, sleeping, counting the days till we can finally hang out with friends, we can’t resist the urge to show off beautiful photos on social media. But since most of us are spending our time inside the safety and comfort of our homes, it’s not very easy to capture new and interesting pictures.

But who says popular photos need to be pictures we recently took, right? It’s time to unleash your creativity with these photo editing applications that will help you recreate a new story from old memories and add a little style and spice to some of your old favourites. Let’s check them out!

We always love seeing new creativity and new stories told, and we love sharing them with the world. Spread the love by using #CentaraAtHome on your social media posts to get featured!

Movies for those times when you really miss Thailand

Are you missing all the good times and great entertainment that Thailand has to offer? The serene beaches, the rich marine life, the beautiful smiles, the spicy food, the exotic scenery; who wouldn’t miss it? We can’t help but long for the beaches and the outdoors, especially during the lockdown. So how about something to satisfy that craving for everything Thai?

Here is a list of movies, ranging from the hilariously amusing to the intensely action-filled and even the full-blown dramatic, so that you can experience Thailand vicariously through your digital screen. We’ve come up with a great selection of movies that we hope will make you feel like you’re not missing a thing: