Front de mer

Bordé de frangipaniers et bercé par le bruit des vagues, notre magnifique front de mer offre un cadre idyllique pour un mariage romantique sur la plage. Sous une élégante canopée, cette étendue de sable fin se prête à une cérémonie intime ou à une célébration animée en famille et entre amis.

Beachfront Floor Plan

Area  : N/A Ceiling  : N/A

Other Meeting Rooms

My Suan Bua
Fonds sous-marins
Terrasse du Reef

Informations importantes

Time to Start Planning an Event

Depending on the event, most will start planning at least 6-12 months in advance. Please get in touch with our coordinators as soon as you plan to hold an event or meeting with us.

Location & Facilities

Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa Maldives is an ideal retreat for small outdoor meetings, parties, and activities. The resort could provide and arrange either the beachside or island outdoor playground areas with a full range of audio-visual equipment and facilities to fit your personal & private events.

Indoor Event Space

We offer Suan Bua’s room of 22 square metres as a private room perfect for a meeting space, or choose to hold meetings, small events including private dinings at My Reef’s terrace.

Outdoor Event Space

We offer an outdoor space for your event; the beachfront right at our property offers 146 square metres which can accommodate up to 80 attendees for a cocktail event.

Contact Us

Email our coordinators at [email protected] to discuss how we can make your event go smoothly and successfully.


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Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa Maldives — horaires d’ouverture : Le bureau en charge des événements est ouvert du
lundi au vendredi de 8 h 30 à 18 heures (Heure des Maldives — GMT+5 MVT)

Contact Us

Nous contacter

Centara Grand Island, South Ari Atoll , Republic of Maldives

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