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Water Saving Tips & sustainable initiatives by Centara

Centara Earthcare

We are committed to conserving water as part of our overall environmental and sustainability initiatives, especially during this time with the current drought that is affecting Thailand.

Here are some tips that can help you save water while staying with us and practices that can be used at home, which will also help you save money.

Water saving tips while staying at Centara

  • Sing one less song in the shower to reduce shower time.
    Try to average only 4-5 minutes in the shower when possible. Every minute you are in the shower (using a conventional shower head) about 5 gallons of water is used.
  • Shut off the water when it is not needed.
    When you are brushing your teeth, washing your face, or scrubbing your hands, turn the water off when it is not being used.
  • Opt for a shower instead of a bath.
    Having a bath or even a long shower uses about 4 times more water than a 5-minute shower.
  • Fill a bowl to shave.
    Use a bowl with a little bit of water to rinse the razor instead of keeping the water running. You can also then use the water from the bowl to water plants.
  • Opt not to have your towels and linens changed every day.
    Reusing your towel one extra day saves a huge amount of water, while also reducing the use of chemicals and energy.
  • Reuse hotel towels and sheets.
    Most hotels will not wash towels hanging, only those placed on the floor. Use your towel for the entirety of your stay and save tons of water.
  • Shower with your partner.
    This water saving technique is good for all year round, not only Valentine's Day!

Water saving tips at home:

  • Invest in energy and water efficient appliances.
    You will not only reduce water and energy use but will also save money in the long term.
  • Run a full dishwasher.
    Running a less than full dishwasher does not only waste water but energy.
  • Wash dishes once a day.
    When hand washing dishes, if you do them all at once, you will use a third of the water. Consider putting a tub in the sink where you can hold water for rinsing instead of running the water. That tub of water can then be used in the garden.
  • Set your washer's settings.
    Match the level of the laundry to the water level. Try to only wash full loads to save energy as well.
  • Capture rainwater and divert rainfall.
    By simply installing gutters on your roof that drain to a barrel, you can potentially save hundreds of gallons of water that can be used for various activities. You can also just divert the rainwater through longer gutters that can go directly into your irrigation system.
  • Sprinkle check.
    Ensure that a sprinkler is watering the necessary area and not spraying on paved areas or walkways. It is also important to check that they are not leaking at the nozzle.

Water saving with kids:

  • Be the example for your kids.
    Demonstrate how they can save water. Make a game out of activities that save water, such as who can take the shortest shower.
  • Sprinkler fun.
    If you will be using the sprinkler anyways (preferably at night when the water doesn't evaporate as quickly), allow the kids to use that time to play and have fun in the sprinkler.
  • Shower together.
    Bathe young children together. It will be more fun for them and will save buckets of water.

Other Water Saving Tips:

  • Support local farmers.
    By buying from a local farmer, you have access to information from them about their farming practices. You will also reduce your carbon footprint by buying locally.
  • Monitor your water bill.
    You water bill can help you understand how much water you are using as well as it may help indicate if you have a hidden leak.

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any questions or other water saving tips.