Centra Avenue Hotel in Pattaya is the only hotel in Thailand where you will find a Jewish synagogue (Sephardi) as well as a Kosher restaurant. As a Kosher hotel, each room is equipped with a Mezuzah, and for guests who observe Sabbath, we can also provide a metal key for their room in addition to a key card.

As a hotel that observes orthodox Jewish religious laws, and as a service to Jewish guests, check out service will not be offered on Saturdays, during the hours of the Shabbat. Should any Jewish guests be unable to stay overnight on Saturday, we are pleased to provide a special late departure supplement rate, enabling guests to leave at the end of the Shabbat.



The Moshe and Yosef Synagogue operates according to the laws of Maran Ovadia Yosef.

Prayer times (updated: February 15, 2022)


  • Shacharit 08:00 hrs.
  • Mincha 17:55 hrs.
  • Torah Lesson 18:15 hrs.
  • Arvit 18:35 hrs.
  • Torah lesson 18:20 hrs.

Shabbat night

  • Candle lighting and Mincha 17:45 hrs.
  • Kabalat Shabat & Arvit 18:05 hrs.
  • 1st meal after prayers


  • Shacharit & Musaf 08:30 hrs.
  • 2nd Shabbat meal after prayers
  • Mincha 12:45 hrs.
  • 3rd meal 17:30 hrs.
  • Arvit & Havdalha 19:10 hrs.


Birkat Eliyahu Restaurant


Birkat Eliyahu Restaurant is the only kosher restaurant in the city of Pattaya. It offers rich breakfast meals, free of charge for worshipers only, and paid kosher meals during the day; it also holds glorious Shabbat and holiday meals for the Jewish community, free of charge, with Shabbat song singing and listening to Dvar Torah lessons. The owner of the hotel, Mr. David Marsiano, invites Jewish worshipers to enjoy morning meals and Shabbat / holiday meals, free of charge in order to benefit the community.

The synagogue and the restaurant offer a place to celebrate Jewish holidays, as well as traditional parties and seminars in Judaism led by distinguished Rabbis from Israel.

Prior to the pandemic, approximately 200-250 Jewish guests were hosted every Saturday night and on Israeli holidays.

The synagogue is named "Moshe and Yosef" after Moshe Marsiano and Yosef Elbaz, the late ancestors of the hotel’s developers. The kosher restaurant at the hotel is named "Birkat Eliyahu" after the late Rabbi Eliyahu Shlush, who was a good friend of the hotel owner.


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