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Waterfront Suites Phuket by Centara




Phuket has plenty of historic attractions, with the classic Sino-Portuguese architecture in Phuket Town, ancient temples, and rain forest to name but just a few. The island is also one vast playground for activities of all kinds for everyone, with the fun extending to the ocean with beaches, island hopping, sea cruises and diving.

In the heart of Karon Town, with an abundance of eateries and entertainment opportunities at its doorstep and Karon Beach a stone’s throw away, Waterfront Suites Phuket by Centara is perfectly located to experience the many facets of Phuket.


Karon Beach

卡隆海滩 (Karon Beach)

'它是普吉岛的主要旅游海滩中的第二大海滩。 这里有大型的度假村,不过那又宽又长的海滨本身目前还没有开发。 这里的沙非常白,人走在上面时会吱吱作响。 南边有个漂亮的珊瑚礁,向着卡塔和 Poo 岛延伸。 餐馆、酒吧、旅游公司和其他非酒店类企业位于北部,靠近交通枢纽的位置;在南部,它们则是位于连接僻径和海滩路的小路上。 卡塔和卡隆之间的小路上有多家小企业,以及 Dino 公园迷你高尔夫球场。 卡隆是普吉岛中最高档次的海滩。 白天会有班车往返于普吉镇。

Phuket Town


普吉镇地方虽小,但是却是充满惊喜的宝地。如果您只是匆匆路过此地的旅客,那您可能会错过很多惊喜。 想真正欣赏这里的许多景点,您得花些时间去寻找,去逛。 这里最突出的魅力也许就在于它的建筑所体现的丰富文化遗产。 此外这里还有令人着迷的市场、中国神殿和佛教寺庙,以及现代和传统购物区。

皮皮岛 (Phi Phi Islands)

皮皮岛 (Phi Phi Islands) 距离甲米和普吉岛仅 40 公里。 实际上,它们在行政上是属于甲米府的一部分。 来自各行各业的旅客们都把皮皮岛 (Phi Phi Islands) 视作世界上最美丽的热带岛屿。如今皮皮岛 (Phi Phi Islands) 已经成为泰国最受欢迎的旅游景点之一。 另外,该群岛也以作为电影《海滩》(The Beach) 的拍摄地点而出名,Leonardo Di Caprio 就是该电影的主演。 最近,该群岛,连同附近的 Noppharat Thara 海滩,总面积达 390 平方公里,被正式确立为国家公园。 比较著名的景点包括: 大皮皮岛 (Phi Phi Don)、小皮皮岛 (Phi Phi Le)、Maya 海湾、Viking 洞穴等等。

Phuket's Big Buddha

One of the island’s most revered landmarks and must-visit destinations, Phuket’s Big Buddha sits atop the Nakkerd Hill, approximately 25 kilometres from the residence, between Chalong and Kata. The 45-metre high image can be seen from afar, while Nakkerd Hill offers sweeping vistas over Phuket Town, Kata and Karon beaches, and Chalong Bay.


With a choice of dive sites considered as being amongst the world’s most fascinating, the Andaman Sea is a tropical paradise for diving enthusiasts. Clear waters, dramatic limestone formations dominating the horizon, and splendid corals are the key ingredients to the region’s popularity with divers. To the east side of the island lie Shark Point, Anemone Reef, the King Cruiser shipwreck and the Phi Phi Islands, all of which are suitable for one-day dive trips. The paradise islands of Koh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi, off the southern tip of Phuket, present thrilling drift dives with great visibility, while the Hin Daeng offshore pinnacle has vertical drop-offs of 60 metres and more. Diverse marine life, including whale sharks and leopard sharks, and colourful corals are highlights of the Andaman Sea diving experience. 


With six regionally renowned golf courses, Phuket is a popular destination to tee off in style. On the northern side of the island, set on 730 acres of land in a secluded valley that overlooks Phuket’s hinterlands, the Blue Canyon Country Club is an award-winning golfing destination. The addition of The Lakes Course in 1999 presents water hazards on 17 out of 18 holes while the finishing hole reputedly is one of the best in the region. The Kathu area, approximately 30 minutes away from the residence, presents a concentration of three high-class golf courses, namely the Red Mountain Golf Club, the Loch Palm Golf Club and Phuket Country Club, the latter being the island’s very first golf course.





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