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Centra Coconut Beach Resort Samui

Centra Coconut Beach Resort Samui

Affordable beachfront holiday|Centra Coconut Samui

Centra Coconut Beach Resort Samui

Centra Coconut Beach Resort Samui

Affordable beachfront holiday|Centra Coconut Samui

Centra Coconut Beach Resort Samui

Centra Coconut Beach Resort Samui

Affordable beachfront holiday|Centra Coconut Samui

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Centra by Centara Coconut Beach Resort Samui 位于僻静的通塔诺特海滩 (Thong Tanote Beach) 上,苏梅岛的西南端,是 Centra 品牌的最新成员。该度假村坐落于郁郁葱葱的环境之中,濒临海滩,可饱览附近 Tan 和 Mutsum 海岛的美景。度假村距离热门的拉迈海滩 (Lamai Beac) 和那通码头 (Nathon Pier) 30 分钟车程,渡轮在该码头下客。


大佛 (Big Buddha)

所有环岛旅游中一个非常标准的景点就是大佛寺(Big Buddha Temple 或 Wat Phra Yai),它位于苏梅岛 (Samui) 的北海岸。 该寺庙现代感十足,但缺少了大部分泰国寺庙的那种雅致和美感。 12 米高的大佛矗立在一个小岛上,该小岛通过一条未铺堤道与大岛相连。 寺庙前面有许多商店和食品摊位,为乘坐大巴的旅客和短途泰国游客提供餐饮。 在这里出售廉价纪念品的商店中,有一家小的银器商店,老板是一位铁匠,店里大部分摆列的商品都是他制作的。 进入庙宇后,您首先会来到一个大的、未铺过的庭院,在另一侧有一条龙楼梯。 楼梯两侧是小的楼阁,供奉着较小的佛像。 爬上这条楼梯就能到达大佛像所在的那平台。 在平台上,您能饱览小岛长海滩的美景。

Tao & Nang Yuan 岛

该岛由三个小岛组成,位于 Ko Tao 的北边方向。 岛上能看到壮丽、令人赞叹的美景。这三个小岛通过一个三向的纯白色粉状海滩相连。 Ko Nang Yuan 有着和 Ko Tao 类似的丰富海洋生物圈。 这里有各种各样的珊瑚丛,是潜水和浮潜的理想地点。 搭乘每日往返于 Ko Tao 的船只就能找到膳宿等设施。

安通国家海洋公园 (Mu Ko Ang Thong National Marine Park)

安通国家海洋公园 (Mu Ko Ang Thong National Marine Park) 是位于泰国湾的一个群岛,由 42 个独立岛屿构成,其主要岛屿是 Phaluai、Wua Ta Lap、Mae Ko、Sam Sao、Hin Dap、Nai Phut 和 Phai luak。 所有的岛屿位于素叻他尼府 Amphur Samui 的 Ang Thong 地区。 公园的面积达 102 平方公里,其中只有 18 平方公里是陆地。 该国家公园不包括整个岛链,其管辖范围仅覆盖总面积的 82%。 公园成立于 1980 年 11 月 12 日。大部分的岛屿由石灰岩山组成,海拔约 10-400 米。 由于石灰岩很容易通过化学条件和天气改变其结构,所以岛上有许多看起来怪异的洞穴和悬崖,有些岛屿看起来像柬埔寨的吴哥窟和 Prasart Hin Pimai。

Exploring Samui

Tropical and laid-back, Koh Samui is an exciting destination where endless white sand beaches share the landscape with jungle-matted peaks and abundant groves of coconut trees. Visit striking Buddhist sites and enjoy exploring options, including elephant riding through the island’s rainforest, taking in sublime ocean views from the Lad Koh Viewpoint, also known as the Zenith Viewpoint and one of the easiest-to-reach stunning viewpoints, and splashing in the pools of Na Muang Waterfalls. Na Muang Waterfalls consists of two cascades found about 12 kilometres south-east of Nathon Bay. Reached by a walking path from the entrance to the park, Na Muang 1 flows down into a natural pool. The smaller Na Muang 2 is a 30-minute walk further uphill. Another popular and whimsical attraction on the island is Hin Ta and Hin Tai, or Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks, a pair of rocks whose shapes suggest male and female anatomy.

Chaweng Beach and Chaweng Road

Among the highlights of your holiday in Koh Samui are the island’s endless powder-sand beaches, including the 7-kilometre Chaweng Beach. The fine sands and warm waters of palm-fringed Chaweng Beach offer the perfect setting for lazy moments. As the final rays fade, Chaweng Road invites you to join in the vibrant nightlife. Chaweng Road has dining options galore, from seafood restaurants to eateries serving casual fare, and the island’s largest choice of bars and clubs. 

Wat Plai Laem

Like the nearby Wat Phra Yay, Wat Plai Laem is a modern temple which has become popular for its giant white 18-arm image of Guanyn, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. This active and living temple is surrounded by a lake that is teeming with fish, adding to its tranquil ambience. Those who make a donation to the temple are given a bag of food to feed the fish.

Fisherman’s Village

The fisherman’s village of Bo Phut is a charming, laid-back place dotted with traditional Chinese shophouses. Perfect to spend a relaxed evening enjoying a choice of cuisines at intimate beachfront eateries and great cocktails at friendly bars, the Fisherman’s Village is also a prime shopping destination. Lively and fun, the Friday night market offers great cocktails on the go and tantalising street food. 

Central Festival Samui

Absolutely modern, yet retaining a tropical feel, Central Festival Samui undeniably is the most complete shopping and lifestyle destination on the island, offering over 200 international and local designer brands. This themed destination is divided into four zones, Chaweng Port, Bird Cage, Fisherman Village, and Beach Town Market, and has a large entertainment area, spas and hair salons, a food court and a myriad of restaurants, and a supermarket. Located in the northern end of Chaweng, Central Festival Samui is less than 10 minutes away by road.


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