Suan Bua

趣のある蓮池のほとりに佇むタイ料理レストランSua Buaは、親しい方との会食、プライベートでのお食事、アットホームなウェディングに最適な場所です。緑の木々の眺め、深みのある木がアクセントのデザイン、クリーム色の色使いを組み合わせ、温かみと優雅さを兼ね備えた開放感のある空間が実現しました。

Suan Bua Floor Plan

Area  : 22sqm Ceiling  : 4m

Other Meeting Rooms

Reef’s terrace


Time to Start Planning an Event

Depending on the event, most will start planning at least 6-12 months in advance. Please get in touch with our coordinators as soon as you plan to hold an event or meeting with us.

Location & Facilities

Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa Maldives is an ideal retreat for small outdoor meetings, parties, and activities. The resort could provide and arrange either the beachside or island outdoor playground areas with a full range of audio-visual equipment and facilities to fit your personal & private events.

Indoor Event Space

We offer Suan Bua’s room of 22 square metres as a private room perfect for a meeting space, or choose to hold meetings, small events including private dinings at My Reef’s terrace.

Outdoor Event Space

We offer an outdoor space for your event; the beachfront right at our property offers 146 square metres which can accommodate up to 80 attendees for a cocktail event.

Contact Us

Email our coordinators at [email protected] to discuss how we can make your event go smoothly and successfully.



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