THB 190,000 수용 인원 문의

웨딩 패키지 I

활기찬 도시 방콕의 세련된 분위기 속에서 사랑을 축복하세요. 웨딩 화환, 꽃 장식에서 멋진 7단 웨딩 케이크와 맞춤형 배경막에 이르기까지 모든 것을 완벽하게 계획하고 조정하며 실행해 드립니다. 꿈꾸던 결혼식을 즐기고, 영원히 기억될 아름다운 추억을 만들며, 프리미엄 디럭스 스위트에서 편안한 밤을 보내세요.


  • 웨딩 화환

  • 꽃 장식

  • 7단 웨딩 케이크

  • VIP 하객용 꽃 코르사주 4개

  • 방명록 1개

  • 프리미엄 디럭스 스위트에서 결혼식 당일 1박

Weddings at Centara Grand Ladprao
Weddings at Centara Grand Ladprao
Weddings at Centara Grand Ladprao

Package Includes

Package Includes

데코 및 장식:

  • 신랑 및 신부를 위한 웨딩 화환
  • 결혼식장 주변의 아름다운 꽃 장식
  • 7단 웨딩 케이크(10파운드) 1개
  • 신랑과 신부의 이름이 표시된 정교한 배경막
  • 선별된 VIP 하객용 꽃 코르사주 4개
  • 방명록 1개
  • 꽃 스탠드 2쌍
Weddings at Centara Grand Ladprao
Weddings at Centara Grand Ladprao
Weddings at Centara Grand Ladprao

호텔에서 준비한 특별 선물:

  • 결혼 선물 박스 1개
  • 센타라 그랜드 앳 센트럴 플라자 라드프라오 방콕에서 이용 가능한 정가 THB 1,500의 다이닝 바우처 1장
  • 프리미엄 디럭스 스위트 1박(결혼식 당일 조식 포함)
  • 센타라 그랜드 앳 센트럴 플라자 라드프라오 방콕의 디럭스 룸 무료 1박(조식 포함)
Weddings at Centara Grand Ladprao
Weddings at Centara Grand Ladprao
Weddings at Centara Grand Ladprao

추가 서비스

Set Menus

1. Chinese Set Menus

  - Jasmine Menu THB 15,500 net/table

  - Lotus Menu THB 16,500 net/table

  - Orchid Menu THB 18,500 net/table

2. Thai & Western Buffet Menus

  - Jasmine Menu THB 1,450 net/person

  - Lotus Menu THB 1,550 net/person

  - Orchid Menu THB 1,750 net/person

3. Cocktail Menus

  - Jasmine Menu THB 1,350 net/person

  - Lotus Menu THB 1,450 net/person

  - Orchid Menu THB 1,650 net/person

Musical Band Types

1. Electone with Karaoke and singer - THB 8,500 net

2. Trio Band - THB 15,000 net

  - Electric Piano, Double Bass & Violin

  - Violin, Cello & Flute or Viola

3. Quartet - THB 20,000 net

  - Violin, Viola, Cello and Flute

  - Electric Piano, Double Bass, Violin and Flute or Saxophone

  - Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass

4. Trio Band with Singer - THB 55,000 net

  - Drum, Guitar and Bass

  - Electric Piano, Guitar and Saxophone

  - Electric Piano, Bass and Drum

5. String Combo Band - THB 60,000 net

  - Drum, Guitar, Bass and Electric Piano

6. Additional Singer - THB 2,500 net per singer

Entertainment & Audiovisual Equipment

1. Bubble Machine - THB 3,000 net

2. Follow Light and Controller - THB 3,500 net/set

Additional Flower Decorations

1. Photo backdrop or special decoration: THB 35,000 net

2. Photo backdrop bring-in fee: THB 20,000 net

3. One corsage for VIP guest: Starting from THB 5,000 net

4. Photo gallery: THB 10,000 net

5. One corsage for VIP guest: THB 150 net/piece

6. Bride and groom garlands (one set/two garlands): THB 2,000 net/set

7. Hand garland: THB 1,000 net/piece

8. One bridal bouquet: Starting from THB 1,500 net

9. Ice sculpture: THB 1,500 net/piece

10. Blessing book: THB 500 net/piece

11. Wedding gift box: THB 1,000 net/box

12. Corkage charge: THB 500 net/bottle

13. Flower decoration for stage rim (size 60 c.m./piece) THB 1,000 net/piece

Terms of Payment

- Upon confirmation of your booking, a 50% deposit payment is required and any other expenses will be settled as per the hotel's requirements.

- Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer to Bangkok Bank PCL. (Bangkhen Branch) to account No. 161-3-04064-9 (Current Account).

- Kindly send your payment confirmation via email by providing your name and the date of your event to our Sales Department.

- For further information, please contact (+66) 0 2541 1234 ext. 4210 or email: [email protected]

Additional Services

Your Dream Wedding Request

Number of Rooms Required Optional