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Pattaya Foody Centra by Centara Maris Resort Jomtien

Top 3 Best Fresh Seafood Restaurants in Pattaya

By Centara Hotels & Resorts Posted on 19 Aug 20

Restaurants serve seafood almost anywhere in Thailand. But, delicious seafood straight off the fisherman's net? That’s a different story. Restaurants that specialise in freshly caught seafood can be difficult to find around Pattaya, especially for those who aren’t acquainted with the area.

To help you make the most of every meal on your trip, we’re highlighting the top 3 places to have fresh seafood in Pattaya.

Unmissable seafood restaurants in & around Pattaya


1. Rimpa Lapin

Time: 16:00-23:59 Avg. price per customer (baht): 250-1500 Contact: 038 235 515

Top 3 Best Fresh Seafood Restaurants in Pattaya Keyword: Seafood Pattaya

Rimpa Lapin is located on a hilltop overlooking the Gulf of Pattaya, with the soft sea breeze reminding you that nature’s touch is all around. The tables are divided into three sections: ocean view, bean bag seat, and deluxe. Ocean view tables offer a romantic dining experience, letting guests gaze into the distance as they enjoy each dish. Bean bag seat tables provide a more fun and easygoing vibe for groups of friends, helping you sit back and relax. Along with a nice glass of beer, this table is perfect for kicking back and having a great time with friends.

Rimpa Lapin’s deluxe tables are best suited to groups, offering a comfortable dining space for families and small gatherings. These tables are located on top of the hill, close to the main restaurant. Deluxe tables are perfect for families with small children, who can enjoy the open space of the garden while taking in the view from a safe distance.

Recommended dishes include: - Stir-Fried Squid with Salted Duck Eggs Price: 280 baht - Deep-Fried Sea Bass with Mango and Fish Sauce Price: 450 baht - Grilled Seafood Basket Price: 2,000 baht (Perfect for groups)

Top 3 Best Fresh Seafood Restaurants in Pattaya Keyword: Seafood Pattaya


2. Nang Nual Pattaya

Time: 15:00-23:00 Avg. price per customer (baht): 250-1500
Contact: 038 428 177

With a special focus on providing a unique customer experience, Nang Nual Pattaya features a chill atmosphere with excellent mood-setting music. Diners at this restaurant’s beachside location frequently head over to the shore, to take photos and selfies for Instagram.

Nang Nual started out as a family restaurant, but later increased its size in response to overwhelming demand. Nang Nual’s dining area now stretches out over the sea, letting you enjoy a nice breeze above the water. Its dishes are prepared with an authentic Thai taste, perfect for those seeking seafood in Pattaya the way that local people enjoy it.

Recommended dishes include: - Mud Crab in Sour Soup with Tamarind Paste Price: 490 baht
- Baked Lobster with Cheese Price: 1,550 baht
- Grilled Seafood Price: 2,200 baht
(Perfect for groups)

Top 3 Best Fresh Seafood Restaurants in Pattaya Keyword: Seafood Pattaya


3. Coast Beach Club & Bistro Pattaya

Time: 10:00-23:59 Avg. price per customer (baht): 250-1500
Contact: 038 714 981

Top 3 Best Fresh Seafood Restaurants in Pattaya

Perfect for watching the golden sun fall gently from the sky, the panoramic views at Coast Beach Club & Bistro Pattaya create a peaceful atmosphere to gently calm the mind. The restaurant sits alongside the beach and a private pool, making a truly relaxing space for quality dining. Its featured dishes accentuate the breezy coastal ambience, and are wonderfully prepared and presented.

Coast Beach Club offers a comfortably satisfying dining experience for families and couples seeking fresh seafood in Pattaya, with a wide selection of dishes and refreshing cocktails to choose from. The restaurant is within walking distance from Centara Grand Mirage Pattaya.

Recommended dishes include:
- Whole Baked Baby Seabass Price: 420 baht
- Spicy Seared Shrimp Tostada Price: 300 baht
- Tiger Shrimp Pil Pil Price: 380 baht

Top 3 Best Fresh Seafood Restaurants in Pattaya

When prepared the right way, fresh seafood in Pattaya is a superbly satisfying choice for all travellers. Rimpa Lapin, Nang Nual Pattaya, and Coast Beach Club & Bistro Pattaya each serve up delicious meals within their own memorable settings.

Wherever you decide to go, we would love to hear your feedback. Be sure to leave a comment to let us know about your experience at these or other seafood restaurants in Pattaya.

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