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A stunning oceanfront setting, indoor and outdoor venues, and contemporary décor all add up to make social events at Centara Q Resort Rayong memorable successes. Birthdays, anniversaries, and life’s happiest moments are celebrated with the help of expert event planners.

F&B Life Style at Centara Q Resort Rayong

The 124-square-metre Quorum function room accommodates up to 90 guests for cocktail receptions or 60 for a memorable banquet. Additionally, the Quicksand Beach Terrace is stylishly designed to host up to 80 people for cocktails or intimate parties within verdant tropical foliage and boasting views over the Gulf of Thailand.

F&B Life Style at Centara Q Resort Rayong
F&B Life Style at Centara Q Resort Rayong
Personalised Service

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맞춤형 친목 행사를 위한 나만의 솔루션

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방콕에서 차로 쉽게 이동할 수 있는 청정 해변 리조트

Unique Experiences

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수상 스포츠, 해안 섬 탐험, 라용의 유명한 과수원을 탐험할 수 있는 기회

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Centara Q Resort Rayong

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