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Travel Tips

12 Travel Apps to Make Your Next Trip Easier and More Fun

By Centara Hotels & Resorts Posted on 19 Aug 20

Travel apps you should check out

Every country has its own learning curve for visitors, as you learn to communicate in a new language, find your way down unfamiliar streets, get food when you need it, and carry out plenty of other tasks that are a bit more complicated when you’re overseas. Fortunately, for these and other issues, your phone may hold the solution. The following apps can make your holiday in Thailand much easier and far more enjoyable, by simplifying the travel experience.



12 Travel Apps to Make Your Next Trip Easier and More Fun

Navigating around Bangkok’s city streets is always tough, especially if it’s your first time visiting. The fastest way to travel in Bangkok is by taking the train – either the BTS Skytrain or the MRT (underground/metro). Both train systems have their own dedicated apps, and installing them can help you plan your travel around the city so much more easily. Whether you’re deep underground, or zooming between skyscrapers with the busy streets below you, these official apps will tell you exactly how many more stations to stay onboard in order to get where you want to go. They’ll also tell you the price of each trip beforehand, so you can save time at the station.



12 Travel Apps to Make Your Next Trip Easier and More Fun

Grab is another important travel app to have on your phone if you’re visiting Thailand. Uber and Lyft don’t work here, so when you’re carrying your bags around and public transport isn’t available, Grab feels like a godsend. It’s cheap, easy to use, super convenient, and it works well all around the country. Plus, there are different types of vehicles to choose from, depending on your need – including small and premium options, as well as SUVs and motorbikes. In addition to its transportation services, the Grab app can also arrange food and parcel delivery.



12 Travel Apps to Make Your Next Trip Easier and More Fun

Google Maps is a huge convenience, even if you’re offline. Before your trip, you can use the app to ‘download’ entire cities, so that your phone will remember all the streets and properties for you. This way, you can always find your way around, as long as you know where you need to be. Google Maps can also provide real-time traffic updates (although you need an internet connection for this part), helping you decide whether a taxi or public transport is the better option.



12 Travel Apps to Make Your Next Trip Easier and More Fun

Google Translate is another very useful app to have in Thailand, since local people might not speak your language quite as well as you might hope. Its translations aren’t always perfect, but they’re far better than going it alone. Keep in mind that you can also download languages into the app while you have an internet connection, so that you can get translations offline whenever you need them.


Food delivery

12 Travel Apps to Make Your Next Trip Easier and More Fun

Thailand has a few different apps when it comes to food delivery or food recommendations. If you’re experiencing jetlag and want to stay in, or simply don’t know where to go for food, Foodpanda can help you out. It’s a food delivery service with hundreds of restaurants to choose from, all within one app.

Another app you should consider is called Wongnai, which provides food reviews for local restaurants. It’s often a good idea to check this app before going out, to see if certain places are likely to suit your taste. Wongnai can also order food if you’d like to eat at home – or even book a table for you, if you want to make sure of finding a place at the restaurant.



Money is another common concern of travellers, particularly as exchange rates can sometimes be difficult to remember. The XE Currency app can instantly show you the going rate for currency conversions, as it’s updated in real time for your convenience.



12 Travel Apps to Make Your Next Trip Easier and More Fun

Last but not least, don’t forget to download songs on your music app of choice, whether it’s Spotify, Apple Music, or anything else. Listening to your favourite songs while you travel can be a beautiful experience.

Thailand has always been a wonderful destination, but the experience of visiting is even better now that you can get all the information and entertainment you need at the touch of a button. The apps listed above allow you to come to the country prepared, so that nothing stands between you and the experience of a lifetime.

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