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Thailand Family

A Checklist for a Family’s Summer Holiday in Thailand

By Centara Hotels & Resorts Posted on 19 Aug 20

Although we’d all love to bring along every one of our favourite items from home when we travel, suitcases are small and the packing decisions can be hard – particularly when you’re travelling with your family. We put together this quick guide to highlight a few essentials for you and your family, so you know what to bring for your summer holiday in Thailand.


The essentials

Bug spray (or any other kind of mosquito repellent) is one of those things that you might not think of, but warm climates like Thailand’s have their fair share of mosquitoes. Especially if you’re travelling during the rainy season or exploring the forests, mosquito bites are likely. Wearing repellent is like putting a shield over you as you explore the great outdoors in Thailand.

Thailand has the some of the best beaches in the world, so there will be plenty of opportunities to go swimming. Yet that strong Thai sun shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s a good idea to bring along some sunscreen, so that you don’t have to go searching for it after you arrive. Remember to put it on each time you go out during the daytime, so that your holiday Instagram photos have you looking like your best self, with a nice and even tan.

What to Bring for Your Family’s Summer Holiday in Thailand


Seasonal considerations

Depending on the location and time of year in Thailand, it may also be wise to bring a compact umbrella along for your trip. The rainy season in northern Thailand (Bangkok, Chiang Mai) generally runs from May-October, while other areas such as the islands around Koh Samui tend to get wet later in the year. A rain jacket or an umbrella can keep you dry if you happen to get caught out in the rain.

On sunny days, however, you’ll find it most comfortable to have some light, breathable outfits that can keep you cool from the hot weather. For most of the year, the daytime temperatures range from 30-35 degrees Celsius. As you might expect, it’s cooler up north if you are visiting from December to January. However, keep in mind that you can’t always wear shorts to temples, so take along at least one pair of trousers with you.

What to Bring for Your Family’s Summer Holiday in Thailand


Stay practical

Another consideration is your footwear. You’ll be doing a lot of walking and exploring, so wearing the right shoes (or a comfortable pair of flip-flops) will be important. Shoes in Thailand tend to be expensive, as they are often imports from abroad – so, make sure you have the right pair before you board the plane.

What to Bring for Your Family’s Summer Holiday in Thailand

For the most part, other practical items are easy to pick up once you’re in the country. There are numerous convenience stores all over Thailand that sell travel sim cards, travel adapters, and powerbanks. If you’re going to be in Thailand for a while, then we recommend getting a sim card rather than using up your roaming data, so that you can save a bit of cash.

What to Bring for Your Family’s Summer Holiday in Thailand

Even if you forget any of the above items back at home, you will be able to shop for anything that you need after you get to the country. But in order to save precious time on your summer holiday in Thailand, we recommend making room for them in your luggage, so you can keep your peace of mind and have a great time exploring this great country with your loved ones.

What to Bring for Your Family’s Summer Holiday in Thailand

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