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How to Pose like a Supermodel

By Centara Hotels & Resorts Posted on 08 Sep 20

How to Pose Like a Supermodel

Even in a world where everyone can become famous in a split second on social media, there is still some work to be done before you can achieve that kind of fame. Step one is learning how to pose like a supermodel. After all, it takes skill to make looking good look effortless.

You don’t have to master your pose like Coco Rocha, but a few things can be done to set you on the right track.


How to Pose like a Supermodel


Don’t Look at the Camera

Act naturally. Turn away from the camera, but still keep that smile on your face. While your face is turning away from the camera make sure your eyes don’t look away too much. Don’t show too much of the whites of your eyes. You need people to see the colour of your eyes to achieve a natural / candid look and not an awkward one.


Face the Camera

This sounds like an easy pose but it will take a lot of detail to make this simple pose perfect. Standing straight and staring at the camera will make your photo flat and boring. A small turn on your upper body could help make the body look slimmer. Otherwise, try to cross one leg over the other to create more depth to your photo.


Turn Your Back

Remember to leave some space between your arms and your body, otherwise this will look like a mug shot but the back version. Plus, when your arms press against your torso it will make your body look a bit bigger. So, turn your back to the camera, lift one arm up, or both if you like, slightly turn your head to one side, and there you have it.


How to Pose like a Supermodel


Sitting Pose

Sitting poses can create many problems for photos, and some of those could even be problems you don’t actually have in real life: everyone has a tummy when sitting down that’s not normally even a real problem, or in some cases your hips and thighs spread out when sitting down. Tips here are to lean forward or lean back. The key is the legs. If you are leaning forwards, keep your knees apart and twist your ankles inward. If you are leaning backwards, don’t keep your feet flat. Instead, lift the balls of your feet up as if you were wearing invisible high heels.

If you want to achieve a more professional sitting pose, try crossing your legs and sitting up straight. The upper leg shouldn’t press against the lower one (it will make your calves look big), so lift it up a little bit but don’t make it too obvious.


Lean Against a Wall

Not confident enough to pose without a prop? Run to a wall, and just lean against it. Pop one leg up, you can either look straight at the camera and tilt your head a little bit, or turn your face away from the camera. Another pose you can easily do with a wall is to use your upper body to lean against it while crossing one leg over the other to show off your long legs.


Pretend You Are Walking

Create an impromptu snap by pretending that you are walking. So, what do you do? You walk! But not a normal walk. Your steps should be bigger than your normal walking steps. You can walk straight towards the camera, or at 45 degrees to the camera. To create more dimension to your picture, bear in mind that your arms should be relaxed and swinging as you take your steps.

Now that you’ve got it, flaunt it!!!

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