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On-Site Water Sports and Beach Activities for Your Kids and Teenagers

By Centara Hotels & Resorts Posted on 14 Sep 20

On-Site Water Sports and Beach Activities for Your Kids and Teenagers

Taking your children on a beach or island holiday can become quite overwhelming for some families. Just 'swimming at the beach' might get old fast for your kids, so here are a whole range of activities based around water that will keep your kids occupied and ensure that they have a ball from start to finish. The upside of many of these beach activities is that your whole family can participate, and make those 'family moments' that you'll remember together for years to come. You might even be able to learn new skills together. Here are some suggested activities:


1. Enjoy a Wonderful Day at Our On-site Water Park

Your whole family can have a blast with little or no effort and without paying extra fees or travelling further. Many hotels feature swimming pools and water slides where your kids can reap the benefits of their stay. Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya has gone a step further and has an amazing Lost World Adventure-themed water park. Here, your whole family will be taken on an exciting journey and get to see spectacular scenery as you traverse the water park. Your family can go tubing along the Lazy River or ride down a gigantic water slide. Your younger children can have a wonderful time frolicking through the fountain play area.


2. Love the Beach? Get Active and Team Up for Beach Volleyball

If your kids fancy a day at the beach and have a love of sports, a game of beach volleyball could be the answer. Beach volleyball is a great sport for your children as it is more challenging to move on the sand as it helps strengthen arms and legs and improves coordination skills. In addition to its physical benefits, the sport also allows your children to learn about teamwork and social skills with other children or adults.

Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi offers beach volleyball as one of its daily choice activities on its 500-metre stretch of beach. The equipment is set up and ready and all you need is your sunglasses and sunscreen.


3. Highly Energetic? Try Water Polo

Water polo is a great team sport and suitable for children aged 8 and above. Similar to basketball and football but played in a swimming pool, each team scores by throwing the ball into a net defended by a goalkeeper. Water polo is a highly strenuous game that requires both swimming skills and ball skills. Apart from providing amazing cardio exercise, water polo is great fun to play with family, friends, or others as it promotes teamwork and communication skills. Start looking for your teammates and check out Centara Karon Resort Phuket where water polo facilities are available.


4. Row, Row, Row Your Kayak

There is no better way to exercise, appreciate the marvellous wonders of nature, and enjoy time with that special companion, than kayaking. However, before deciding to go on a paddling journey with your kids, make sure you have the appropriate level of experience and that they're strong enough to be able to propel the kayak. The age of your children is really important when considering a kayaking trip. Children aged between 4-7 years old may struggle with paddling, so a canoe might be a better option as it offers more stability and space for this age group to move.

Children aged 8 years old and above are able to learn to paddle a canoe or a kayak. It is mandatory for you and your children to wear a life jacket at all times while on the boat.

If you are thinking of spending a dream family holiday in the Maldives, consider Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa Maldives. This family-friendly resort offers a variety of motorised and non-motorised water sports that allow you to revel in the crystal-clear water and experience extraordinary marine life like you've never imagined.

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