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Ten Places to Try Boba Milk Tea in Bangkok

By Centara Hotels & Resorts Posted on 10 Aug 20

Delightfully delicious and easily found across the whole city, boba milk tea (also known as bubble tea) has taken Bangkok by storm. From BTS Skytrain stations to morning markets, bubble tea can be found in every nook and cranny in the capital. It’s now common to see people waiting in long lines to get their hands on this irresistible delight. More and more tea cafes and stores are popping up around Bangkok – to the point where trying out boba milk tea is an essential part of your holiday.

Creating a tasty drink, of course, requires some artistic talent – and each store has its own spin on boba milk tea. The criteria that sets some businesses apart from the crowd include taste, location, design, and the quality of ingredients.

With the trend catching on across the world, we’ve gone ahead and selected the ten best places to try boba milk tea in Bangkok.


More Than Milk


The Thai franchise with multiple stores across Thailand, Lao PDR and the Philippines has come to the forefront of the boba tea market. Every store is decorated in a refreshing blue and yellow theme that gives off a chilled vibe. Recommended items on the menu include Bubble Milk Tea and Fresh Milk Tea. The pearls come in two flavours: black honey pearls and golden vanilla pearls.

Ten places to try boba milk tea in Bangkok




KOI Thé is arguably the most popular boba tea chain in Thailand with 42 branches countrywide, including 28 in Bangkok. With most of their ingredients imported from Taiwan, you are sure to experience an enchanting traditional drink from the home of bubble tea.

Their most popular drink is Golden Bubble Milk Tea. For the health-conscious, you can select your preferred sweetness level from 0% to 120%.

Ten places to try boba milk tea in Bangkok


Calowries Hub


It’s in the name. This bubble milk tea outlet serves drinks with low calories. Their main ingredients are low-fat soy and almond milk. We recommend the Premium Hojicha Latte, a sweet and flavourful drink. Calowries Hub is also known for providing a good choice of options for vegans.


CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice


With over 4,500 branches worldwide, including 16 in Bangkok, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice is one the best players in the game. Their aromatic boba milk tea features sweet and chewy mini pearls and every order is customisable. Apart from being able to choose your preferred level of sweetness, you can also customise the ice quantity for an even more intense boba tea experience.

Ten places to try boba milk tea in Bangkok


Brown Café


Flown all the way from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, this bubble milk tea outlet comes with its unique recipe for pearls. Drinks are prepared with varying levels of sweetness, depending on your preferred taste. We highly advise you try their Brown Royal Premium Milk Tea and their Homemade Grass Jelly with fresh milk if you’re looking beyond just boba tea.




Another popular place for boba milk tea in Bangkok, Kamu has already proclaimed that matcha is their specialty. So, if you’re a fan of matcha boba tea, this place is a must-try. Today, there are around 70 Kamu stores across Bangkok.

Ten places to try boba milk tea in Bangkok


Nomi Mono


The Japanese premium tea franchise has received great feedback from boba lovers across Bangkok for its quality, fresh milk and zero-calorie toppings. For a unique boba experience, you can try their Kurokuro Onsen, made from an original recipe that has hot pearls sitting at the bottom of the cup that let you either consume the pearls while they are still hot, or stir around the cup to cool them down.


Fire Tiger


Fire Tiger is a fast-growing boba tea franchise in Bangkok. The drinks are topped with burnt sugar which delivers a crispy texture for a whole new boba experience. If you’re a boba tea lover wandering around the Siam shopping district, this could be the perfect place for your fix.


The Alley Cafe


The Alley Cafe has established themselves as one of the top boba milk tea chains in Bangkok with a popular following among bubble team aficionados. Recommended menu items include Garden Milk Tea and Trio Assam Black Milk Tea. Ideally located at CentralWorld, Bangkok’s largest lifestyle shopping mall, expect to find a queue of people waiting to taste the best bubble tea in Bangkok.


Mr. Shake


Mr. Shake stores can easily be found on every corner of Bangkok. What makes them popular is that they are more affordable compared to other places. Offering cheaper prices than their counterparts, Mr. Shake is very popular with those looking to try bubble tea for the first time. We recommend sampling either Honey Lemon or Apple + Tapioca Pearl.

Ten places to try boba milk tea in Bangkok


Happy boba time!


The above list should keep you busy as you look to try out new places to enjoy your favourite boba milk tea in Bangkok. We hope you have a wonderful time drinking from these high ‘quali-tea’ stores!


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