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Bangkok Family

The Most Fun Family-Friendly Cafes in Bangkok

By Centara Hotels & Resorts Posted on 25 Aug 20

The most fun family-friendly cafes in Bangkok

As one of Asia’s most exciting and vibrant cities, there are several family-friendly cafes in Bangkok. Even if anime characters or dining with giant unicorns isn’t your thing, the kids will be sure to have lots of fun. Each of these cafes is original, inventive and slightly bizarre, but that should not for one moment stop you from visiting. In a city known for its scorching temperatures and dizzying humidity, these family-friendly cafes in Bangkok will be a delightful rest break for the whole family, where you can sit back and indulge in tasty food and drinks while enjoying some quality time together.

The most fun family-friendly cafes in Bangkok



An export from Japan, Maidreamin has become a popular choice for families looking to experience something new. Highly rated on TripAdvisor, this cafe in the centrally-located MBK Center has become a must-visit attraction for Bangkokian and tourist families alike.

Taking inspiration from Japanese anime art, expect to find waitresses dressed in cute little outfits, entertaining families as they dine on delicious Japanese and western dishes. For an extra charge, the staff will sing and dance to the latest J-Pop music and provide you with an experience to remember.


Mermaid Castle Cafe

The most fun family-friendly cafes in Bangkok

Every little girl at one time or another has dreamt of becoming a mermaid. Well, now is your chance to give your family an experience they are likely not to forget.

Also situated at Siam Square One, the four-storey cafe has become a popular fixture among families and friends alike. Three stories are dedicated to mermaid-themed items: phone cases, pyjamas, makeup, and more.

After shopping for all your children’s favourite mermaid accessories, take the time to visit the cafe on the fourth floor. The walls are painted in an array of vibrant colours and adorned with pictures of Little Mermaid characters. The presentation of the food is eye-catching, so expect your children to spend more time gawking at their food instead of eating it!


Little Zoo Cafe

A recent addition to Bangkok’s cafe scene, Little Zoo Cafe is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with the kids. Visitors to this incredible cafe have the chance to pet and play with an array of furry little friends.

Divided over two floors, this eatery is home to some exotic creatures, such as racoons and chinchillas. To ensure the safety of all creatures and humans, the more exotic creatures are only for show. So, you will not have to worry about any Harry Potter style incidents at Little Zoo Cafe.

The first floor of the cafe is where your drinks and desserts are made and served, and where certain animals like Corgis can roam free. The second floor, however, is where the real fun is. The cafe is cleaner than you think – neither stinky nor musky as you might expect.

The staff are professional and know how to control and care for each animal. At its heart, Little Zoo Cafe isn’t just about the animal theme, or the food and beverages; it’s about having fun with your family and providing the children with an educational experience.


Unicorn Cafe

Located in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok’s Central Business District, the Unicorn Cafe is a popular spot for families to enjoy the magical aura of unicorns. Stepping into the cafe, you will immediately be in awe of the myriad colours and the spectacular unicorns that hang from the ceiling. For fans of My Little Pony, this will be a dream come true.

Offering spectacular unicorn-themed dishes, Unicorn Cafe is a must for families looking to experience something different. Rainbow candyfloss, unicorn pasta, sweet cakes and treats and colourful drinks are the order of the day here.

So, if you’re looking to make some memories, these family-friendly cafes in Bangkok are the best places to sit back and relax while the whole family is entertained.


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