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Supporting Sustainability

The Journey to Inspiring Change

As a responsible enterprise, we demonstrate our commitment to sustainability by growing our global presence while respecting the environment. Our integrity has allowed Centara to achieve meaningful success in business, building a reputation as both a hospitality leader and an ethical corporate partner. As we grow, Centara will continue to protect our planet, support local communities and create positive sustainable impacts.


Steeped in Thai tradition, Centara’s core values permeate the entire family of brands. We encourage all management levels to take part in local charity events to strengthen the communities in the cities that we operate in. Every little effort counts and we believe we can be a force for good across all our properties in the world.


Sustainability at Centara

Centara has identified and established the following key objectives to guide our sustainable and ethical commitments.

Community USP


Support the local community where we conduct business through our own environmental and social initiatives

Eco Technology USP

Eco Technology

Devote resources to new technologies which are environment-friendly and make commercial business sense

Environment & Ecology USP

Environment & Ecology

Committed to the preservation of our environment practices according to best practice 

Special Place

Special Place

Celebrate your wedding, renewal of vows or honeymoon in a special place.

Live More Sustainably

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Sustainability Awards

Centara EarthCare

Centara Hotels & Resorts is the first Asian hospitality group to formally incorporate the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (“GSTC”) criteria into its internal sustainability standard. Our stainability standard is called “Centara EarthCare,” which is fully recognised by GSTC. The set of standards is based on the 4 pillars of the GSTC Criteria, which include the following principles: Environment, Social, Cultural, and Management. To help Centara Hotels and Resorts track, measure, benchmark and continuously improve our performance, we have implemented a third-party sustainability management system called Greenview Portal, a GSTC-Recognised system.

Centara EarthCare

Our commitment to sustainability has put us on the path to long-term success, where we acknowledge and appreciate that the strength of the local community and the overall health of the environment in which we operate has a direct impact on our business and consequently the prosperity and security of the destinations where we operate. Therefore, it is our intent and our primary goal to continue to be a positive stakeholder in Thailand and in the foreign markets where we operate.

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Centara EarthCare
Centara EarthCare

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