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Health and Wellness While Travelling with Centara

By Centara Hotels & Resorts Posted on 18 Aug 20

You have been eating well and exercising daily, but all that neatly allocated time for health and wellness seems to take a backseat during holidays. With more of us becoming conscious of our fitness levels, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain them when we embark on our travels across the globe. Thankfully, certain hospitality providers are now at the forefront of promoting healthy and active lifestyles.

Yupapone von der Haar, a certified personal trainer, weight loss specialist, believes health and wellness is at the core of our personal and professional lives. As a health aficionado, she is keen to promote Centara’s Staying Well Programme, a revolutionary approach that provides guests more ways to take care of their health and wellness throughout their holiday.

The Staying Well Programme is built around three core pillars: Live Well, Eat Well and Sleep Well.


Live well

“People should look at travelling as an opportunity to nourish themselves,” says Yupapone.

The “when in Rome….” mentality can sometimes be detrimental, so it is essential that while on our travels, we continue to exercise and make full use of the resources around us. While you may find it difficult to stick to your normal routine, Centara properties offer gyms and swimming pools to provide all guests with the opportunity to keep fit and active while on their holidays. As an experienced personal trainer and keen traveller, Yupapone suggests total body, interval exercises over short periods (at least 20 minutes) of time for travellers.

As part of your stay at a Centara property, you can take advantage of the Staying Well kit. It is prepped with everything you need for a minimal room-workout: a yoga mat, workout DVDs, dumbbells, a Swiss ball, a kettlebell, a foam roller, a fitness ring, a power band, and a workout outfit. If you are staying at one of Centara’s luxurious five-star properties, you can also join their great variety of free fitness classes.

Top tips:
- Short bouts of exercises followed by brief recovery periods
- Diversify your training routine to incorporate your new surroundings
- Instead of taking public or private transport, opt to walk

Maintaining health and wellness while travelling with Centara

Eat well

Eating well is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. From Brussels to Bangkok, Paris to Perth – the food journeys we go on are a major part of our holidays. Bear in mind that relaxing your usual strict standards and indulging in the likes of Belgian chocolate waffles or mango sticky rice will not ruin your diet; however, it is always prudent to ensure that you refrain from overindulging in too many treats. Yupapone is a firm believer of sampling new foods on her travels but adds that staying in a hotel can help you better control the food you eat.

Centara’s expanded menu has numerous selections spanning diabetic, healthy-heart, gluten-free, low sodium, reduced calorie and vegetarian options, with convenient nutritional information included in restaurant and room service menus.

Top tips:
- Maintain a healthy, balanced diet and avoid overeating
- Don’t be scared to try new things
- Try places that incorporate nutritional information in their menus

Maintaining health and wellness while travelling with Centara


Sleep well

The best things in life are … nearly free. After a glorious day of sightseeing, eating and drinking, the best thing we can hope for is retreating to a comfortable abode for a refreshing night’s sleep.

Respecting that sleep is intertwined with physical and mental wellbeing, Centara goes that extra mile and provides an array of pillow choices, a relaxing music channel, and a Rest Well kit containing ear plugs, an eye mask, silky-soft pyjamas and other necessary amenities. To add an extra dimension to a great night’s sleep, Yupapone suggests light meditation, a warm drink and a slow walk to develop a relaxed mindset before hitting the sheets. Following these simple steps will leave you feeling blissfully relaxed and amazingly clear-headed.

Top tips:
- Try to minimise consumption of caffeine and alcohol, especially after a long flight
- Ensure room temperature is right for you; between 18-23°C
- Expose yourself to light strategically

While being on holiday can be somewhat of a challenge to our usual fitness and wellness regimes, Yupapone comments, “Travelling is a great opportunity for us to take those extra measures to boost our health and fitness levels”. With Centara’s Staying Well Programme, you can rest assured that your health and wellness will flourish during your stay while you still enjoy a relaxing and memorable holiday.

Maintaining health and wellness while travelling with Centara

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